Saturday, 30 August 2014

Arco - Rock Master 29th August 2014

Set off for Arco earlier in the week to arrive in a very hot Italy in preparation for the competition at the Rock Master Festival. My nerves were much better this time. Route 1 went well until 3 holds from the top when my radio mic system became switched off accidentally by the rope. I could no longer hear my caller to tell me where the next hold was, and was not in a steady position to turn it back on straightaway. I had to make the decision first to try and find the next hold up, but this was not  successful. Then I had to turn the mic back on so that I could hear my caller, but I had held on with one hand for too long and peeled off! Disappointing when so near to topping out. 😒

After short break it was on to Route 2.
This started with an overhang. Route went well and I finished less than 2 points behind the winner.

Time to get some more training in before the World Championships next week!

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