Friday, 19 September 2014

Gijon, Spain

Wow what a week!
I headed off to Spain on Sunday 7th September for my first World Championships. Arrived mid afternoon, to warm but rainy conditions. Wasn't prepared for rain.
Registration and medicals on Monday, a 3 hour wait for a few minutes consultation. No problems with my categorisation.
Free time to explore and relax.
Tuesday had a training session to focus on the communication between my sight guide and myself. It was very hot, but we managed a productive session.
Wednesday was a rest day.
Thursday were the qualifying climbs, 2 routes.

 2nd Qualifier

Had some problems with my radio-microphone as it kept cutting out, making it difficult to hear my sight guide. An added complication. Necessary as I wear hearing aids.

Friday, another rest day, then Finals on Saturday.
See for video of my final climb, as well as all the finals and results. I came 3rd, pleased with my performance. The route had good holds, but the overhang was immense, and the route seemed to go on forever!
More training needed.
With my medal. 
My sight guide, and coach, Mark McGowan

Only 2 weeks to go before next competition.  The Paraclimbing Cup, in Sheffield on 4/5th October.

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